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Active Membership - $50/year

1. Active membership shall be held by any Republican woman who believes in the philosophy of the Republican Party and supports the objectives of this organization, is registered to vote in the state of Washington, and has paid the club does for the current calendar year.

2.  Active members of the club shall not be active members in any other WFRW or NFRW chartered club.


3.  Active members have all privileges of membership, including but not limited to voting, making motions and serving as officers.  They are eligible to be delegates or alternates representing the club at WFRW and NFRW conventions 

Associate Membership - $25/year


1. Associate membership in the Club can be held by Republican men and women who believe in the philosophy of the Republican Party, support the objectives of this organization, and have paid the Club associate dues for the current calendar year, but who are otherwise ineligible to join as active members.

2. Associate members shall be entitled to all privileges of active members, except of those of making motions, voting or holding office, and representing the club as delegates or alternates to WFRW and NFRW conventions.

For more information please contact Angie Wrzesinski

CIWRC Membership

YES!  Your goals, statements and creed reflect my own thoughts; I want to be informed, involved, influential and make a difference.

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