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Article V - Officers and Duties

Section 1.  Officers 

The Officers of this Club shall be a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and two (2) Trustees, all of whom shall be Members of the Executive Board.


Section 2. Terms Of Office

Elections shall take place at the October meeting each year by written ballot. Officers shall be elected by a majority of vote of members present. Officers shall hold office for a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected. No officer shall be eligible to 

serve for more than three (3) consecutive terms in the same office. Elected officers shall assume their duties the beginning of the fiscal year which is from January 1 to December 31 regardless of when installation takes place.


Section 3. Vacancies

A vacancy in an elective office other than the President shall be filled by the Executive Board at its next meeting following the vacancy. The Vice President fills the vacancy for the office of president. An officer who has served more than half a term is considered to have served a full term in that office. If an officer refuses to fulfill the duties and terms of office the officer may be removed from office by the Executive Board and a replacement appointed by the Board.


Section 4.  Duties of the President

The President shall:

        a.  Preside at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Board.

        b.  Represent the Club at all times or designate someone as representative in her absence or inability to do so.

        c.  Prepare, in conjunction with Standing  Committees and the Executive Board, a General Agenda for the Club year.

        d.  Appoint all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President shall be an ex officio member of all  

             committees except the Nominating  Committee. The President shall also appoint Chairs and Vice  Chairs of standing  

             committees as well as a Parliamentarian and Historian.

        e.  Co-sign checks by vote of a majority of the Membership or Executive Board.

        f.   Appoint an Auditing Committee to audit the Treasurer’s accounts and report at the Annual Meeting.

        g.  Be an automatic Delegate to the State and National Federation Conventions.

        h.  Have available Roberts Rules of Order, as  revised.


Section 5.  Duties of the Vice President

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in her absence.  She shall also perform other duties as may be assigned by the President and/or Executive Board.


Section 6.  Duties of the Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall:

        a.  Keep minutes of all the meetings of the Club and the Executive Board.

        b.  Be Custodian of all records, including a current membership roster.

        c.  Issue notices and conduct general correspondence for the Club.

        d.  Have a copy of the Club, State, and National Bylaws and Standing Rules available at all times.  

        e.  Perform other duties as assigned by the President or the Executive Board.


Section 7.  Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

        a.  Be custodian of all Club funds.

        b.  Be authorized to co-sign checks.

        c.  Disburse funds as directed by the Membership or Executive Board.  

        d.  Present a written report of receipts and  disbursements at all meetings.

        e.  Collect all dues and notify members whose dues are in arrears.

        f.  Be a member of the Budget Committee.

        g.   Submit an audited annual report to the Executive Board and Membership.

        h.  Pay State and National dues for individual members and the Club.

        i.  Ensure that all applicable disclosure forms are current and timely submit public disclosure forms/reports to the    

            Public Disclosure Commission and to the Internal Revenue Service as required by law.


Section 8.  Duties of the Trustees

         a.  Attend all Executive Board meetings.

         b.  Serve as Advisor to the President.

         c.  Serve as Greeters at monthly meetings.


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